Wednesday, June 15, 2011

They can make you so mad that you just have to laugh

Update: I called Origins and told them exactly what happened.  To my surprise, they were happy to replace it as long as I had the receipt! 

On Tuesday I volunteered to pick up some desserts and drive them to my mom-in-law's work for an event they were having.  I was in a rush to get out of the house. Anya had been cranky all morning and was sitting on the floor crying.  I was looking around for her pacifier and a pair of clean pants for her because the ones she was wearing (though I put them only minutes ago) were now covered in banana.

After a couple of minutes I came downstairs to find this:

My chemist/make up artist.  He took my mascara, opened it and plunged it into the make up bottle.  Then he did that to his face and hands and smeared more all over the table.  

Now I was late.  With a crazy looking kid, dirty table, grey-tinted bottle of make-up and flesh colored mascara.  On the bright side, he had shared some make up with Anya so she was now calmly entertained.

The real kicker is this: It takes me about two years to go through a bottle of make up.  I had a gift card to Macy's that I have been saving up for almost a year just for this (I don't buy anything else at Macy's.  The make up is from Origins).  The previous night we were at the mall to get my laptop fixed, I had been out of makeup for about a week, so I bought a brand new bottle.  It wasn't even out of the box yet!  The mascara too was a very recent purchase and I was thrilled to have gotten it with a coupon and on sale for a couple of bucks.  

Both things ruined.  I don't know how and where and why he got my makeup bag... That morning I was already on the edge... but as I was washing this kid off, I just had to do that you-are-now-crazy out loud laugh.  Oh kids....


Kimberly said...

Yesterday I was in the parking lot waiting for Sean to get out of his dr appt. The boys were calmly entertained watching a DVD in the van, and Everett needed a diaper change (after not pooping for 4 days). I figured he wasn't done but if he pooped again, he'd have a blowout, so while we were sitting in the van, I hurried to change his diaper. In the 2.3 seconds that he was exposed, he pooped again, torpedoing yellow goopiness across all of the diaper stuff. (Luckily for everyone, none got anywhere on the interior!) As I was trying to clean that up, he pooped again, then watered it down with a long, strong, stream of pee. So now the yellowness is even more runny. And the kicker? I had 5 wipes left to clean it up. If it was my first kid, I would have cried, then bawled, then tried to figure it out. Yesterday, I just laughed really hard as I made the most of my 5 wipes. It was such perfect timing. I'm thinking a blowout would have been better :)

Oh, the things we do as parents!

Ellen Glek said...

Ahh!!! Sad day, but the pics of Lucas are great :)
My friend introduced me to Origins last year. We both get their stuff off ebay now for at least half price!

Nastia said...

You know what's kind of cool? That he did not eat it AND he kept his clothes clean. He knows where the makeup goes!

Emily said...

Aaaahhh! I cringed as I read this post! That is so frustrating, especially since you had been trying to buy high end makeup affordably. But those kinds of things come with being a Mama right, and I love the part about you mentioning Anya was happy because Lucas had share with her, at least he was sharing right?!

that's what she said...

haha...KIDS! Ethan wanted Lucas to know that he liked the mustache on his forehead. Hopefully he's not getting any ideas... :)

Heather said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Origins! I have had a couple make-up mishaps and they are really good about returning products and replacing ones as well. They are super great about giving you a few days worth of sample product so you can try it before you buy, which is super nice. Glad it worked out.

And also, to echo Nastia's comment, at least he knows where make up is supposed to go, even if he doesn't have all of the logistics down... or very cleanly. My sister used to draw on the carpet with my mom's lipsticks!

Hailey said...

HOORAY for Origins being awesome! Glad you can get a replacement. And definitely one of those stories for laughing about in the future. Props to you for being able to laugh about it while still in the midst of clean up. Can't wait to see you guys!