Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Way She Moves

When I cook, do dishes, or other work in the kitchen, I set Anya down in the middle of the family room rug to play.  Our kitchen and family room are one room so I am close by supervising.  A couple of weeks ago I noticed that she was at the edge of the rug attempting to pull off a stay rug thread.  I was sure I had set her down in the middle and wondered if Lucas somehow moved her.  For the next few hours I watched her carefully.

I then discovered that the girl moves! She reaches for something far in front of her and when she sits back up right, she scoots her bottom ever so slightly.  After a half of an hour she can move two feet, all in these tiny increments.  Now she can easily turn and is trying to crawl!

I know what my dad is thinking while looking at these photos "why didn't you move the wipes! They are ruining the pictures! Look how cute she is and now it's ruined".  But... she was playing so happily, I didn't want to take her "toy" away.  

Here she is transitioning from sitting to "crawling"... in this case motivated to reach Lucas' red shoe.

She ends up on her tummy -- we call this "beached whale" position.

Or with right food stuck under.  She really doesn't like either of these positions.  Cute leg rolls though, right?


Kimberly said...

It most definitely is a phase. Brayden just had a phase like that 6 months ago...Unfortunately. And Asher had one about a year ago. Haha, fortunately it does end! Just pray that it's sooner rather than later.

Good Luck!

Hailey said...

Oh LOOK at those squishy, adorable legs! I can't wait to see your kids!!!!! We miss you guys.

Greg W said...

I like the beached whale :-) Pretty cute.