Monday, July 11, 2011

Anya's Nine Months Post

I have been so busy enjoying our beautiful summer that I have failed to post Anya's 9 month post.  Since these are mostly for me to record her milestones, I'll lay them out here:

  • You still do not sleep well at night.  We had a few nights of inconsolable screaming that may have been stomach-related.  Other than that, you wake up 2-4 times a night.
  • You are feeding yourself finger food!  It's so fun to watch you.  
  • You still do not have any teeth, so you love to gum hard bread crusts.
  • You scoot and comfortable get in and out of crawling position, but don't quite crawl yet. 
  • You stand up when we give you two fingers to hold on to.  
  • You do a crazy toung roll, especially when you cry.  My friend Matt says you sound like a dinosaur. 
  • You are pretty good at taking stuff away from your brother, straight out of his hands.
  • You tried swinging in swings and you love it.
  • Unfortunately, you have had a runny nose on and off for a couple of months.
  • Your skin is much less sensitive in the diaper area than Lucas' was, thank goodness.
  • You LOVE strawberries and watermelon. 
  • Your eyes still look grey-blue, like your dad's, but there is a brownish area around the pupil.  I wonder if your eyes will turn brown. 
  • You have really small feet.
  • You can clap and wave.  You also do a funny backwards wave, as if you're saying "come over here" in slow motion, with all your fingers.
  • At your nine month appointment you weighed 18lbs. 14 oz (46%ile, but lenght was in 86%ile)


    Michael said...

    She is adorable! And I like how you dress her in the simple white onesie, so you focus just on her.

    Michael said...

    That was Jane, not Michael. P.S.

    Courtney B said...

    anya is super cute! i love how you included zach in these.