Friday, July 29, 2011

A really beautiful Oregon day

On Saturday morning we got up and packed for an outdoor adventure (while Zach mowed our slightly-overgrown yard).  There was quite a bit of traffic just outside of Hillsboro on Sunset west and once we arrived in Cannon beach, there was a huge line to the toll booth at Ecola State Park.  We finally parked and got our bags on.  Zach carried our picnic lunch, Lucas carried... a backpack with a truck and granola bar in it (it was mostly symbolic) and I carried Anya. 
The first part of the 1.5 mile stretch was quite muddy.  We saw many groups turn back.  We are so glad that we didn't.  The trail snakes through an old-growth forest with periodic views of the Pacific. 
Lucas kept seeing the beach and saying that he wants to go to the water.  Zach told him that we are going "up over the hill and to the water".  We were hiking to Indian beach (in the photo above you can see it on the far right just above the horizon).  From that point on Lucas kept pointing his finger and exclaiming "UP AND TO THE WATER!" every five minutes.
There are a few points of this hike where hand-holding of a youngster is crucial.  Can you hear me freaking out as you look at the photo below?  I kept yelling "hold his hand! Do you have him?!" There is only about ten centimeters (half a foot for you Americans) between the narrow path and a grass covered cliff.
A little over an hour later we made it to Indian Beach.  It was buzzing with surfers.  We sat and ate our lunch.  Anya fell asleep as we were getting there and woke up right when we were leaving again, so she kind of missed lunch.  Lucas really wanted to stay on the beach and play, but I knew that if we stopped for too long, we'd have a hard time making it back.  The kid was a little bummed and discouraged,  he didn't understand why he had walked all this way to get to a beach just to turn around and go back. 

So after a few minutes he just stood in the middle of the path with a pout on his face, arms crossed, refusing to take another step.  I was not envious of Zach who had to carry a 30 pound kid in addition to his backpack. 
We made a lot of fast progress, but it wasn't long before Lucas wanted to walk by himself again.  Overall, he finished strong and the way back seemed shorter than the way there. 
Back at Ecola state park, we got into our car and drove down to Cannon Beach right outside of Mo's.  There we met my mom and little sister who drove up with my sister's BFF and her family.  Anya loved the warm sand.  She wanted to hold it and crawl through it and eat it. 
Lucas enjoyed digging, building a castle, and carrying water from the ocean to our hole.  My sister Maria and her friend, Leah, were Lucas' favorite playmates, while my mom entertained our chubby little baby. 

I love these photos of my mama and Anya, especially because they are not even a little bit staged.  Because my parents live so far away now (New Hampshire) I could just tell how special this time to spend with my kids was for my mom.  It was so fun seeing everyone so happy to be together. 
Zach was pretty tired after the drive and the hike, so he took a little nap on the beach. 

I wish we could have stayed longer, the weather was perfect -- not a lot of wind and warm (70s).  But it was getting late, so our little family had dinner in Cannon Beach and drove home.  It was just such a beautiful, beautiful day.


that's what she said...

what a great adventure! i love outings like this with my boys! man...being a mom is great, huh? :)

Nastia said...

Even though I thoroughly enjoy reading about how to stop junk mail, I want more posts like this!!! Beautiful!

Chad and Laura said...

I love family gatherings!! Especially like this one where it seems overall, everyone is enjoying just as much :) YAY for family!

tato said...

Thank you Ksenia! It was great post that helps me to reduce pain of being far away from you and rest of the family.

Zach said...

This was a great example of not letting lines/traffic/crowds keeps us from doing what we want. a few times when we hit those waiting points I thought (ugh! should we just turn around and go home) but in the end it was totally worth it. Best family outing in a long time.

Unknown said...

look at how cute your family is. i love these posts also. looks like a lot of fun. we need to make it to the beach soon!

Unknown said...

i don't know why i am unknown, google has messed up my account... this is Courtney :)

S said...

These pics make me homesick for Oregon. Beautiful job on the pics as always! Your little girl is such a cute chunker! I'm glad you stopped by my blog - it's good to hear from you. Hope everything is going well.